1. I) Land Acquired for the Project
Type of Land Land Acquired
Private land on lease 56.57
Private land acquired 65.87
State Reserved Forest land on short term lease 108.06
State Reserved Forest land on long term lease 441.21
Total 671.71

Compensatory afforestation is being carried out in Punakha, Wangdue, and Dagana Dzongkhags: so far 972.6 acres have been completed.

  1. Ecology:
  2. Captive breeding of the endangered White Bellied Heron (WBH) at Bumitsawa, Punakha for which Nu. 2.0 million has been provided.
  3. WBH Breeding and Conservation Facility at Chanchey, Tsirang is constructed consultation  with RSPN at an estimated cost of Nu. 47.6 million.
  4. Facility for rearing, rescue and hatchery for snow trout has been constructed at Rabuna, Wangdue for Nu. 1.83 million.
  5. Hatchery for the conservation of Golden Mahseer is under construction by Construction Development Corporation Limited at Harachhu, Wangdue at the cost of Nu.159 million. The bridge over Punatsangchhu and Harichhu will also provide vehicle access to Rukha village.

III. Project Affected Family

  1. Employment has been provided to one family member from each of the 23 Adversely Affected Families.
  2. 116 affected families (including 23 Adversely Affected Families) would be provided 10,000 Units of free electricity per acre per annum after commissioning of the project.